• Forgotten Photographs from a trip to Sicily

    I visited Sicily in 2014 and for whatever reason never did anything with the pictures I took. Whilst looking through an old hard drive I rediscovered the raw files and decided to work on them I created this album. I was obsessed with trying to capture 'the light at the end of the tunnel' however this mainly resulted in an image of a road or another tunnel in some cases...

  • Photo restoration for a friend...

    Photo restoration for a friend...

    I was asked if I could restore an old photograph for a friend. I jumped at the challenge, and actually really enjoyed doing it. 

    You can see the image before I did anything to it below...

    As you can see I had to remove sellotape and tears in the paper. I'm pretty happy with how the image turned out, as was my friend, who asked for multiple copies to be printed.

    If you have any photographs you would like me to restore please get in touch.

  • Manchester to Hathersage Folk Train 09.04.16

    Manchester to Hathersage Folk Train 09.04.16

    My friend Sally decided to celebrate her birthday aboard the "Folk Train."

    The journey consists of passengers boarding the train at Manchester Piccadilly along with a folk band. The band plays in one of the carriages during the journey. Then everyone departs in Hathersage and heads to the pub, where the bandprovide the entrtainment, and the pub provides food and drinks.

    Details of future folk trains can be found here...

    Link to gallery...

  • Miasma at Mono in Chorlton 19th March

    Miasma at Mono in Chorlton 19th March

    My friend Lauren is in a band so I brought my camera along to her gig in Chorlton. I discovered slow synchro flash, much to my joy, and had great fun experimenting with light trails.

    The results can be seen in the album below...

  • Tom's house

    Whilst working through the images from my travels I have come to the point where I am editing those from my year in Australia. There are a lot of images.

    This post features those shots from the time when I was staying with a friend until I found a job. This friend was Tom Clark. Tom lives within an eco co-op community who live in mud brick houses on the outskirts of Melbourne near a place called Eltham, Victoria. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to stay at his house. We camped in a tent in the forest and spent time with Tom and his friends who showed us around for a while. I am eternally grateful to him for everything he did for us. Hopefully these pictures illustrate the nice times we had. There are also a few images at the end of the album from a camping trip to The Wilsons Promontory National Park, and from our time picking raspberries on a nearby farm.

    Link to Gallery

  • Glastonbury Festival 2015

    What an amazing, magical, wonderful festival I had the pleasure of attending with a handful of my favourite friends. I have always wanted to attend, so finally had the opportunity this year. It was everything expected and more. So much more that I am afraid I must return...

    The sheer size of the place means you never manage to explore everything there is to explore. Which of course just means there are infinite reasons to return the following year. I'm hooked.

    Link to gallery...

  • Disco Soup

    Disco Soup

    The Real Junk Food Project Manchester (facebook) organised a day and night event, or mini festival 'Disco soup' which was aimed at minimising food waste and raising awareness of how much food is wasted. The event took place at the Wonder Inn at Shudehill where groups of volunteers cooked food which otherwise would have gone to waste. After everyone was fed the remaining food was packaged up to feed the homeless people of manchester. Once the cooking stopped there were bands, DJs, beer, cocktails, food and dancing. I was there to document the occasion and I'm very pleased to have been involved in such a worthwhile project.


  • Lighting portrait test with friends...

    Lighting portrait test with friends...

    Recently I decided to make use of the photographic studios where I work, which I have at my disposal. I wanted to expand my knowledge base, gain eperience and have a bit of fun. I wanted to photograph my beautiful friends rather than using models. I wanted the images to be raw and with minimal retouching. Here is the mood board I produced before I did the shoot.

    The gallery can be found here.

  • Our Loving Cage EP

    Our Loving Cage EP

    My friend, Elizabeth Vince released her first EP ‘Our Loving Cage’ in October 2014. She asked me to phgotograph her for the cover and had a location in mind. We were both really pleased with the final shot. You can listen or buy here.